From Mobile Device Management and Coworking Solutions to intelligent IoT platforms for smart buildings

We want to make your everyday life comfortable - and intelligent. With our products we do exactly that: we automate your environment and let it work for you with all the benefits of the Internet of Things. Find out which of our products best suits your needs.


Our Mobile Device Management solution

MobiVisor is our mobile device management solution and provides centralized management of mobile devices such as smartphones, sub-notebooks, PDAs or tablet computers. Through a central point (IT administrator) or through several administrators all devices are managed with the help of software and hardware.

With MobiVisor you manage the complete inventory of mobile devices in your organization. With our software, you can efficiently and cost-effectively distribute software, data and policies and protect the data on your enterprise endpoints. With Mobivisor's customized solutions, we can also leverage your mobile technology to automate and log operations. All communication is encrypted and all Enterprise Mobility Management functions are included.

Use your mobile technology for more than just phone calls: MobiVisor also includes messaging, e-mail, file sharing and voice call services. Learn more on the MobiVisor page.

Smart Coworking

Automated Beverage Accounting and automated Room Booking for a modern Workspace.

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular: there are now over 500 of them in Germany. Especially for start-ups the cost savings, existing equipment and flexibility are decisive advantages. We develop individual solutions to make working within coworking spaces more efficient, pleasant and modern.

Beverage billing: There is a wide variety of beverages, but billing requires nerves, energy and time. Often employees have to create tally sheets and do the accounting with pen and paper. The risk of errors is high here. This does not suit a modern workplace! For these reasons we have developed a solution that automates this process and at the same time secures it. Select beverage and company, enter your password, enjoy a drink - it's as simple as that.

Room booking: If a customer is paying a visit and the meeting room is suddenly occupied, the flexibility of a coworking space can become a disadvantage. With our powerful management system, such situations are a thing of the past. Our user-friendly web platform allows you to manage your meeting rooms centrally. Book rooms within seconds, manage your reservations easily and see all availabilities at a glance. The most important information can also be displayed on a screen directly at the room.


Work documentation in the digital age.

In the digital age, many working documentaries and reports are still produced with pen and paper. This has decisive disadvantages: Proneness to errors in filling out and transferring, additional workload and loss of time are major challenges that need to be solved. And this with every report.

With IOTIQ's MobiTime, you receive a software solution for your company which, in addition to the security of mobile device management, also enables the digital documentation of your employees' work performance. Our software includes a web portal for admins and team leaders, as well as an app for employees, but can also be extended with hardware as required. The key features of MobiTime are:

- Time recording and location of employees
- Data output of time recording as Excel spreadsheet or via interface
- Notification of special features or deviations
- Documentation and recording of supplements

Building as a Service

No matter if building or meeting room - we create intelligent IoT platforms.

The Intelligent Meeting Room: The project is an application project from the area of Building as a Service. The prototype of this intelligent meeting room is available as a smart and individual meeting room solution. The room has the following capabilities:

- The best possible situation-related working and recreational atmosphere
- An individual reservation system
- Adaptation to individual wishes
- Avoidance of room parameters that are harmful
- Saving through optimal ventilation and heating

The Intelligent Building: We build independent, intelligent IoT platforms for buildings, which can take over autonomous tasks (ventilation, heating) in addition to remote control of the buildings. In parallel to individual rooms (see above), entire buildings can be equipped with IoT solutions, so that they can be operated at optimal costs and in a comfortable manner.

We also adapt our IoT platforms to the needs of industry and thus exploit optimization potential. In doing so, we ensure that industry 4.0 standards are combined with the requirements of our customers.

You need a customized product? No problem. Our Customized Software is individually developed for your needs.