Products: Smart Solutions

From Mobile Device Management and Coworking Solutions to intelligent IoT platforms for smart buildings

We develop products and solutions approaching problems and optimizing business flows. When you are convinced of one of our products, we adapt it specially to your needs and integrate it in the digital infrastructure of your company. Find out, which product fits the most to your needs:


Our Mobile Device Management Suite

So that IT-administrators are not overburdened with the registration and management of all unique devices, Mobile Device Management, in short MDM, was invented. All devices are managed centrally via a software - this guarantees an additional security measure through the protection of enterprise data as well as a more efficient workflow.

Digital Solutions for Coworking Spaces

Automated Beverage Accounting and automated Room Booking for a modern Workspace.

In order to make work within the Coworking Spaces more efficient, more comfortable and more modern, we develop individual digital solutions. Besides a automated beverage accounting this also includes the flexible room booking and the load acquisition in that space. We are also always open to discuss new individual desires and adaptations.


Work documentation in the digital age.

Forget about working documentation and report generation with pen and paper. With MobiTime of IOTIQ you get a software solution for your company, which enables among the security of the Mobile Device Management also the digital documentation of your employees' job performance.

Tablet as a Service (TaaS)

Remote work has never been so easy!

The pandemic has shown how relevant flexibility and working from home is. Tablet as a Service provides you with pre-configured leasing devices which you can use in the home office or wherever you want.

Building as a Service

No matter if building or meeting room - we create intelligent IoT platforms.

What makes a meeting room or a builging smart? You follow their instructions, react situational, interact and let your needs adapt. Create the best possible, health-promoting atmosphere to work and relax: a digital, smart eco system.

You need a customized product? No problem. Our Customized Software is individually developed for your needs.