We give your platforms and devices more intelligence- so they can think and you can relax.


With the help of the Sächsische Aufbau- und Förderbank you can save 50% on our services for your SME. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more! Of course, we also consult companies outside of Saxony, as similar subsidies are also possible in your federal state.

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We do Research & Development

We research new solutions and develop new products for various industries together with partner companies.

We are multinational

We do multinational projects. We do not limit ourselves geographically to business. The Whole world is our target market.

We do IoT development

IoT platforms developed by us are the basis for future IoT environments. These are used in industry 4.0 as well as in everyday life.

We have satisfied & happy clients

We want our customers satisfied and happy. We are eager to deliver perfect products and solutions to make this possible.

We deliver services

We deliver services with the experience of our employees (rich media streaming, mobile operating systems, high-performance computers etc.)

We work as friends

We work as friends here. We want to be happy at work. Highest priority in IOTIQ is to make us as happy as possible.

What We Do

With our many years of experience and relevant competence, we develop tailor-made IoT solutions for our customers. From the integration of sensors or actuators, to the development of a suitable software platform and user-friendly user interface, to the output of data, we cover the entire IoT life cycle.

Our work is aimed at smooth interaction and integration of all IoT products on the market.

In addition, we offer solutions in the field of mobile device management on the basis of our self- developed platform "Mobivisor".

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Real IoT for Smarter Buildings

We build independent, intelligent IoT platforms for buildings.

Smart Meeting Room

A smart meeting room that decides what needs to be done, autonomously.


The only solution for Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Project Management

We help companies with their Internet of Things-related design and project management issues.

Software Project Development

We help you create innovative, engaging products, while simultaneously ensuring rapid time to market.

R&D Consultancy

We help customers to effectively use available R&D funding schemes.

Smart Meeting Room

The 'Intelligent Meeting Room' project is an application project from the Building as a Service area. In future, the prototype of this intelligent meeting room will be available to our customers as a prefabricated, smart, but still individual meeting room solution.

Real IoT platforms For Smarter Buildings

We build independent, intelligent IoT platforms for buildings, which can take over autonomous tasks like ventilation and heating as well as remote control of buildings. In addition to individual rooms (see the Intelligent Meeting Room), entire buildings can be equipped with IoT solutions so that they can be operated cost-effectively and with a high degree of comfort.


Mobivisor is an Enterprise-Mobile-Management-Suite (EMM) for all of your company’s needs.

An EMM-Suite means the central administration of mobile devices of your company such as Smartphones, Sub-Notebooks or Tablet-Computers by a central institution (IT-administrator) or different administrators within the same company. Through the help of remotely controlled soft- and hardware the devices can be maintained and secured.

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