Why is it worth commissioning a Customized Application?

In our ever-changing world, it is more important than ever to listen to your own needs. Even when it comes to the world of work: How do you adapt your environment to suit you, so that you can create the most stress-free and efficient workplace possible?

In this article, we want to focus on Customized Applications, i.e. individualized apps for the enterprise. But what are Customized Apps anyway? By Law Insider, they are defined as follows:


Customized Apps refer to licensed applications that have been commissioned for personalized development and have been developed for internal use by an organization.


Thus, custom development of an app requires a high degree of adaptability to the customer's requirements on the part of the developer. An app that is released after development is complete is often unique in that it contains a specific set of features that have been specifically commissioned. A customized app can be developed for external users (e-commerce, games, education), but is most often intended for internal users (customer management, production monitoring, time tracking). In the following text, we will mainly refer to enterprise apps for internal users, as we develop them at IOTIQ - more about that later.


What types of apps are there?


Custom development solutions address specific needs by providing tailored features instead of standard software solutions. These needs can vary! With Customized Apps, we can therefore distinguish between apps of all types. For example, there are web apps or mobile apps, as well as apps that run on different operating systems, such as iOS or Android.


In web app development, developers focus on applications that users access from PCs, laptops, tablets and other devices. The main focus is on ensuring that the customer can access the app on screens of all sizes, in all browsers, and that it is responsive to all needs.

Mobile app development, meanwhile, focuses on providing the best options for existing operating systems and mobile devices. Here, it is typically necessary to ensure that the app is available on the most popular models of cell phones, tablets and other portable devices, and that it is compatible with the major operating systems. Adaptability to future operating systems, screen sizes and models is also important.

Here, of course, it is evident that it is you who decides where your needs lie - that is, which operating systems, devices, models, browsers should be supported by your app. This is one of many advantages that come with individualized development. We will introduce you to seven more advantages in the following part of the article:


Seven advantages of a customized app


1. Complete control

As the point above has already shown, you decide entirely what you need from the app - you are not dependent on the mercy of unknown third-party developers.

If you use traditional apps and software for your daily business operations, you are exposing yourself to the risk of unknown mobile app developers. For example, if developers decide to discontinue the app for some reason or stop providing important features, you will have to find a new option and abandon your current operational process. When you commission your own custom enterprise app, you have complete control and are not dependent on others.

A custom app can also be developed with the future in mind, so you can eventually connect the app to other services or expand it with new features. This advantage is best realized when you stay with a developer team.


2. Greater efficiency

Since your enterprise app is customized keeping your business needs in mind, it acts like an all-in-one app that performs various tasks and negates the need for multiple apps.

Since these apps are tailored to your work style, the productivity of employees is significantly increased. In addition, you save resources such as time or money when work steps can be documented faster and more effectively.  For example, digital work documentation via app, as in our MobiTime application, can accurately and flawlessly record employees' working hours, allowing them to better focus on their actual job.


3. Scalability

With traditional apps, you always have the following problem: Either you have too many features, most of which are not needed and only lead to confusion for your employees. Or these apps are only designed for a limited number of resources and processes.

As your business grows, these apps may not be able to handle the load of tasks and necessary functions. Custom apps, on the other hand, are developed with all of these parameters in mind and can easily scale as needed.


4. Data storage

Common business apps may not have dedicated security features, which can put your business data at risk. With a Customized App, you can be sure of where your data is stored and processed. This also allows you to remain GDPR compliant. There is also the option to offer the app only as an APK provided via the corporate network. This way, you prevent employees from having to access the App Store or Google Play Store. By managing your apps with an MDM, you achieve an even higher level of security by, for example, basically prohibiting third parties access to this app.

Customized apps developed just for your company can strengthen your security infrastructure, as relevant security measures are taken into account during app development according to your requirements.


5. Automation and digitalization

At IOTIQ, our mission is to make life easier for you as a business in many ways. In essence, this means that a good customized app helps streamline your processes by automating and digitizing them.

For efficient business processes, data needs to flow smoothly between different systems. This task needs to be done one way or another, but a customized enterprise app can make this much easier by automating the process instead of, for example, manually exporting, converting and uploading it again.

An example of such a process that we streamlined is the billing of drinks in coworking spaces. Using a 'beverage app', employees can select their drinks while the system collects all the data in the background and independently informs the respective companies about payment reminders.


6. Customer support

With Customized Apps, you decide who you want to work with to develop the application. So, if you choose well, you can rely on a dependable customer support that will solve your problems fully, at eye level, and in a particularly professional manner. No waiting in phone queues or for e-mail reply.


7. Security

At IOTIQ, security is especially important to us, and we guarantee it through our products. This is basically an essential element of Customized Apps, as the developer team can build in any security feature you need (two-step verification, encrypted data, etc.) On the one hand, employees therefore benefit from secure, usable apps, and on the other hand, if the app is developed for customers, of course they do too. This in turn increases employee satisfaction and customer loyalty.

As already mentioned in point 4 Data storage - you can also ensure where your company data is stored by working with a team of your choice.


Secure app management


In line with the security point, we would also like to pick up on how you can manage your Customized Apps. For this, we would like to draw your attention to a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, such as ours, called MobiVisor.

With MobiVisor, you can not only update, delete, lock, distribute apps on your devices and much more - you can also set the so-called single-app mode. This allows you to run only a single app on a device, so that the device is not abused for other functionalities. In many cases, such as in the logistics or care industry, it is perfectly sufficient to install only one, company-owned app on the device. A device that is only used to record care steps, for example, does not need Gmail, WhatsApp and the like. On the other hand, devices whose use has been restricted in this way can also be used in public places, such as our drinks app, which has been installed on freely accessible tablets and does not require monitoring.


If you have any further questions about custom programming of any kind, feel free to contact us at any time. We'll be happy to help!

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