How working time documentation works in the digital age!

What is MobiTime?

MobiTime is our software solution for your company that, in addition to the security of mobile device management, also enables the digital documentation of your employees work performance. MobiTime consists of:


1. A web portal for admins and team leaders

You can view all tasks and activities of your employees, differentiate between travel time and working time and generate reports of the individual tasks for further processing.


2. An app for employees

Work orders can be recorded manually or automatically, travel and working time can be separated and possible additional work can be documented.

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This is how easily MobiTime works


Document trip

Travel time counts as working time in most companies. If the trip is started, this can be specified in the MobiTime app. The trip duration and the start and end points are documented.


Execute job

Once you have arrived at the location, the travel time is stopped and the working time is started - but only if you are within the previously defined radius of the location. Here, too, you can see where the employee is.


Evaluate job

Once the job has been completed, driving and working time are summarized. The employee can digitally sign and send the work sheet and document any anomalies (e.g. defects) with photos and attach them to the report.

Which advantages does MobiTime offer?

Ensure reliability

MobiTime not only provides you with reliable software, it also makes your business processes more reliable. With the possibility of live tracking your employees, you can always see if all assignments are completed in the specified time; moreover, you have the option of receiving photos from your employees. With the combination of a Rugged Device (a robust device for outdoor use), our reliable software and all the policies you set for the device, full transparency is guaranteed.


Professionalism and quality, guaranteed

Improve your quality management by gaining full control over your employees' work documentation. MobiTime guarantees increased traceability of all work routes and assignments and can be deployed as quickly as possible.


Be sustainable, show environmental awareness

Leave the days of paperwork behind you by relying on fully digitalized work documentation. MobiTime helps you avoid unnecessary travel - schedule your employees where they are needed most efficiently. Demonstrate skillful resource management and save time and money through efficient processes.


Live modernity

Arrive in the age of digital solutions with the help of our MobiTime app. All content and all devices can be customized by you and adapted to your wishes. By managing employees in real time, avoiding paperwork and providing reliable, traceable work documentation, you and your employees are always technologically up to date on the road.


User-friendly and ready to go

Complicated interface? Not at all. When our app is launched, it can be used instantly and intuitively. No matter how tech-savvy your employees may be, everyone is guaranteed to get along with MobiTime. If desired, we can customize the app, the design and the functionality individually and without any difficulties.

Which features does MobiTime offer?

  • Time logging and tracking of employees
  • Data output of time recording as an Excel table or via interface
  • Reporting of peculiarities or deviations
  • Documentation and recording of supplements
  • Simple use for admins and employees
  • Minimization of errors in tasks and assignments
  • Individual extension with barcodes or QR codes, NFC and integration of stationary systems


Flexible billing
Arbitrarily expandable
Free test environment
*per month per device

Digitalize your working time documentation now! We will take care of a free test environment for you.

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