MobiTime: How work documentation should be done in the digital age.

In the digital age, working documentation and reports are still created using pen and paper. This has decisive disadvantages: Error susceptibility during filling and transmission, additional workload and loss of time are major challenges that must be solved. This applies to every report.

With IOTIQ's MobiTime, you get a software solution for your company that not only provides the security of mobile device management, but also the digital documentation of the work performance of your employees.


MobiTime Key Features:


  • Time tracking and localization of employees
  • Data output of time tracking as an Excel spreadsheet or via interface
  • Notification of peculiarities or deviations
  • Documentation and recording of supplements



MobiTime consists of:


1. Web portal for admins and team leaders

You are able to display all jobs and activities of employees, differentiate between driving day and working day and get reports of the individual commissions for further processing.


2. App for employees

Work orders can be entered manually or automatically, driving and working times can be separated and any additional work can be documented by the app.



Barcodes or QR codes for recording of new products




Integration of stationary systems





Time recording via NFC / RFID chip




Why MobiTime?


  • Save time and money
  • Data protection compliant use of work mobile phones and tablets
  • Simple operation for administrators and employees
  • Error minimization of orders


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