What We Do

Customized Software

Rely on our expertise and technical skills in the wide range of software development processes.


We make your environment automated and work for you with all the advantages of the Internet of Things.

Research & Development

With many years of expertise, we offer application-oriented research and consultation on applications as a service.



Customized Software: Individualized Projects


Do you have a specific problem or an idea for a software? Or you wish to digitalize your workflows or make your project management more effective, but don't know how? Then you will receive professional digitization consulting from us. We will help you to recognize the potential in your processes and to use it successfully. From planning and design to the implemented end product, we develop software tailored to your needs. It will meet your requirements exactly, be user-friendly and can be easily integrated into your existing IT environment.


Products: All of our pre-developed Software


IOTIQ has already developed a number of products which can solve problems and optimize business processes that occur in many companies. If one of these products convinces you, we will adapt it to your specific needs and integrate it into the digital infrastructure of your company.

Our solutions include our Mobile Device Management Suite MobiVisor, our digital working time documentation software MobiTime, our digital solutions for coworking spaces and intelligent building and meeting room solutions (Building as a Service).


Research & Development: All programs and projects


Process optimization, digitalization and the Internet of Things are not all we can take advantage of with software development! Due to our long-time expertise we master the handling of R&D - Research & Development - programs. We therefore offer special services around research and development organizations: starting with the initial project idea, through the preparation and submission of the proposal to the management of the project.