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We develop customized software that fits your needs perfectly.

Our world is in the middle of digitalization. In the Internet of Things, the market is also undergoing a digital transformation. And in order to keep up as a company as well as to remain innovative and competitive, it is necessary to anchor the digital transformation in the company structure as well.

Innovative corporations have a digital ecosystem that works for them with effectiveness and reliability. In the office of the future, people will work online. Digital communication takes place via an employee app. Mobile devices, business software and other digital technologies reduce the effort and increase the productivity of employees.

Often companies already have concrete problems that need to be addressed with a digital solution, for example in the area of ERP or workflow and project management. Some companies have no concrete idea of a software. But they feel the desire to be able to make certain processes more effective by automating and centrally controlling workflows. And then there are a very large number of companies who are aware of the challenges of Industry 4.0 but do not know what their digital enterprise system might look like or what benefits a digital infrastructure could bring.

If you are looking for software development services to address these issues, we can help. Specifically we offer:


  • Fast and reliable product development
  • Individualized application development
  • Mobile integration
  • Reduced time to market
  • Excellent software development process

Where is your position and how can we help you with digital change?

Digitalisation consultancy


For many companies digitalisation can become a challenge. We give you professional IT advice, find your personal potential and develop tailor-made digital software that can be easily and user-friendly integrated into your existing system.

Lean back and rely on our technical expertise in app and web development in a wide range of software development processes.

We bring digital leadership to your company!


Do you want to improve an existing process or solve a specific problem?



Our process in detail:

1. Problem analysis:

At the beginning of each project we examine various aspects of your current situation in a short, focused analysis. Do you want to improve an existing process or do you have a concrete problem that needs to be solved with a digital process?

2. Process phase:

In existing processes, we determine your digitalization potentials and work out their costs and benefits. If a concrete problem is to be solved, we develop the optimal process for your company in this phase. Your needs are always in the forefront. If necessary, a non-digital process may also help you.

3. Test phase:

A proof of concept is used to check the practicability of the measures already identified. Only when you are completely satisfied will the measures be implemented.

4. Commissioning:

If the test phase was successful, the realization and implementation of your digitalization measures begins.

5. Optimization phase:

The effectiveness of the measures taken is regularly checked. We will ensure that your set goals are fully met. Best of all: The service is included free of charge.

Master all challenges of digitalisation with us!

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Sven Noack

Director Business Development