Working time documentation at Oehlschlegel Service GmbH

Advantages of MobiTime for Oehlschlegel Service GmbH


Our Customised MobiTime App secures over 100 smartphones, which can be used for a range of solutions. With IOTIQ as a competent consulting partner, the existing processes could be digitalised and made more efficient - time-consuming paperwork is finally a thing of the past. Three major advantages have emerged here for the customer:

  • Checking working hours: An automatic job report is created for each employee at the end of the working week, which allows HR to see at a glance whether overtime or negative hours have been worked. For each employee, the number of hours agreed in the employment contract has been entered into the system in advance so that MobiTime can calculate the travel and working time entered in the app minus any breaks taken and thus calculate the difference, i.e. the overtime or minus hours.
  • Digital work reports: With MobiTime's digital reports, annoying manual processes have been digitalised. What was previously an analogue logbook and an analogue work report, each of which had to be digitised manually, are now recorded in our central app, automating both processes. This reduces the effort and gives the possibility to track the work reports anytime and anywhere.
  • Faster action: An employee is absent at short notice, but who can take over the job? With MobiTime, you can see at a glance where which employee is on duty and available - this allows you to efficiently plan and save work routes.

About Oehlschlegel Service GmbH...

Oehlschlegel Service GmbH is an owner-run, integrated facility management family business from Halle an der Saale, which has been in existence for over 30 years. With six locations with branches in Halle (Saale), Leipzig and Wuppertal, 245 employees support over 4900 loyal customers. Services in cleaning and vegetation care are offered, as well as janitorial and system services. Our MobiTime software has been used in all these areas since 2021, providing reliable mobile work documentation.

Use of the software


In day-to-day work, mobile devices which were already part of the company, but not yet actively managed, are used. Thanks to MobiTime, the devices could be integrated, inventoried and secured without having to purchase new ones, which also eliminated all data protection risks. After work, the employees turn off the GPS so that they can use the phones privately. Here, mainly rugged devices (Samsung xCover) are used, which are also well suited for the healthcare or logistics sector in addition to facility management.

In total, 2000 objects are managed by Oehlschlegel GmbH via MobiTime, which are administered in a customer database. Since a radius is defined for each object, the employee can only start the job if he or she is located within the radius of the object - this means that fraud cannot occur during the job.

In order to exclude fraud, employees must digitally sign each job report, as was previously the case on the work slip. If anomalies such as defects or similar are detected, photos can be taken and integrated directly into the job report. If there are ambiguities afterwards, all job reports can be viewed and downloaded centrally, including all steps: When did the driving time start? When did the working time start? When was the job completed? If the phone is lost, it can be locked or deleted remotely so that no data is lost.




In the future, Oehlschlegel Service GmbH intends to work with us to digitise other analogue processes and integrate them into the MobiTime app as well, so that only one central application will be needed. We remain the perfect partner for this, as all wishes can be customised according to the requirements of Oehlschlegel GmbH. We look forward to continuing our cooperation!


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