Modern office solutions – made in Leipzig for all of Germany!

Instead of fixed and inflexible solutions, collaboration with our customers is particularly important to us. This means that we always try to adapt all our products to the individual circumstances and needs of the companies.

The development process is characterized by mutual respect, trust and passion for cool and practical technology - this is how we always achieve the best result.


Fleet7 - creative and innovative in the north


Fleet7 is a modern and innovative coworking space located on 2000m2 in the heart of Kiel. Customer with us since March 2019, they use four of our beverage tablets MobiFresh across two locations on a total of four floors.

With these tablets, Fleet7 thus not only meets their demand for a modern coworking space, they are also relieved of a lot of work. Before using our tablets, tally sheets were laid out for coworkers to manually enter their drinks and snacks on. Not only did these tally sheets have to be constantly updated, but they were also particularly prone to error. With our solution, the coworking space now receives an overview of all drinks sold, as well as open amounts on the part of the coworkers.

Fleet7 also appreciate the simplicity of use: there's not much to explain and no additional instruction is needed. More information about our beverage accounting system 'MobiFresh' can be found here.

About our coworking products...

Our solutions for coworking spaces are as diverse and individual as the coworking spaces themselves - and they can also be used in companies that use their own offices! This can be perfectly demonstrated by the three companies in which we have implemented, adapted and refined our products: Fleet7, Ostsee Zeitung and FREIRAUM Lüneburg.

Ostsee-Zeitung - clear and modern in the middle of Rostock


The Ostsee-Zeitung is a regional daily newspaper for Rostock, the region and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. With a circulation of over 100,000 copies, the busy editorial team needed practical help in coordinating meeting rooms in the office, as these were always occupied or booked out in incomprehensible ways.

To solve these problems, our room booking software has been in use since February 2022. This makes it possible to reserve meeting rooms in advance or to see how long a room will be occupied. This prevents any misunderstandings.

In order to be able to view this information not only on the web portal, we also used four customized tablets that make it possible to view the duration of occupancy directly on site. In front of the meeting room, you can now see whether the room is free, and if so, for how long. In this way, colleagues no longer get in each other's way and a more efficient working day is guaranteed. If you want to learn more about the product, you can find more information here.



Also a customer since February 2022 is FREIRAUM Lüneburg, a future-oriented coworking space in the middle of Lüneburg. For FREIRAUM, we have upgraded our room booking software to address similar issues as the Ostsee-Zeitung that we just described. At the suggestion of FREIRAUM, the room booking software now has a Nexodus integration. Nexodus is an online tool that is used via the browser to reserve rooms online. The advantage is, of course, that a room can also be booked remotely - for example, if you are just on the train on the way to the coworking space. Through the integration, bookings via Nexodus are now also displayed on our tablets. So, two solutions complement each other wonderfully here.

At FREIRAUM, our webapp is used at two locations to simplify and continuously improve the booking and management of the spaces. Due to the fact that the coworking space has a mixed infrastructure of fixed coworkers and flexibly occupied tables, it is particularly important to make the booking of the meeting rooms straightforward.

You, too, are interested in modern office solutions? Then don't hesitate to contact us anytime!