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Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular. There are now over 500 of them in Germany. Especially for startups, there are decisive advantages in the shared office due to cost savings, available equipment and flexibility. To make smart working within the workspaces more efficient, more pleasant and more innovative, we develop digital solutions that improve cooperation and resource management in the shared workspaces.

IOTIQ is an official go-digital consulting company for digital business processes. When purchasing our coworking products, you can benefit from attractive government subsidies!

MobiFresh: Automated beverage invoicing


With our digital beverage billing tool, tally sheets and cumbersome Excel spreadsheets are a thing of the past. Manage your entire range of beverages and snacks within a single application!


Trust is good, control is better.


Billing has never been so easy! Our software handles the totaling of drinks securely and error-free. Price lists can be customized and invoices are generated automatically. Each user account has its own PIN, so that all drinks are always assigned to the correct user. In the back office, you can keep track of all your guests' orders at all times.



This is how easy and quickly it can go:


  • 1. Choose company
  • 2. Choose drink
  • 3. Enter password
  • 4. Enjoy your drink!


The Features:


  • Order drinks and snacks without problems
  • User accounts with PIN
  • Exact allocation of all orders
  • Individualized icons and prices
  • Automated invoices
  • Customized design




Smart room booking


In a coworking space, meetings with colleagues, partners and customers are the order of the day. However, the otherwise pleasant flexibility of the space often becomes a real issue. Our user-friendly web app for room booking ensures that all coworkers are always in the right place. Via the intelligent room booking system, you book rooms, coordinate reservations and always maintain a full overview. This creates space for everything except mistakes.

Adding new rooms is child's play thanks to the intuitive admin interface. For better differentiation, each room can be equipped with a picture and additional features. Within a few clicks, you have digitally created your spaces.

A software as individual as your space: 1000 different room booking softwares, but none of them suit you? No problem! Our online tool can be extended at will and can be customized to your individual needs.

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Display extension for meeting rooms


As an additional feature, we also offer a display extension for the use of digital doorplates. The extension allows bookings to be made directly on site and current information on room and occupancy to be viewed.

The Features:

  • Web-App for PCs, smartphones and tablets
  • Book rooms easily and quickly
  • Add and personalize as many rooms as you like
  • Create different room categories
  • Display extension for local room booking
  • Customized Design

Capacity assessment in spaces


The COVID-19 pandemic is making itself felt everywhere, including in our daily work. Employers and employees need to react quickly and decide: Is it safe for me to go to work? When is my office too crowded? How do I coordinate this situation with my colleagues?

We have the answer to this challenge and an approach for quick coordination of work safety in offices. Cross-site solution expertise is the keyword here, because this tool is a booking software for coordinating places and presences in offices.

Employers can assign places in the office, vary the bookability according to current conditions and enable seating for employees, while employees can register by the hour or day and occupy the free places as well as meeting rooms. Everyone gets a quick overview of all capacities and can work in a more relaxed and secure way.


Customized Services


We bring attractiveness and the digital future to your coworking space - there are no limits!

An automatic access control via smartphone? A smart calendar? That and much more is possible. We offer professional consulting, determine your personal potential for a digital infrastructure, find suitable IT solutions and turn your wishes into reality.


You want to convince yourself of our services? No problem!

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