MobiVisor blog series – Part 5: Big players config

In our new, five-part blog series, we're having a look at different possibilities and features from our mobile device management, MobiVisor.

With a mobile device manager (MDM), mobile devices can be reliably controlled, secured and managed for all imaginable usage scenarios via a central system. Well-known features of mobile device management such as smartphone tracking, automatic email configuration or remote deletion of data, however, no longer knock the socks off digital natives. MDM systems such as MobiVisor can do much more, and as fast as the technology is developing, more and more specific areas of application are emerging for a wide range of industries. In this blog series, we will present a selection of special MDM functions and application examples. The last articles were dedicated to the 'KIOSK Mode', the 'Container Setup', various security functions for data protection and warning messages. Today we complete our collection of articles with final words on the Big Players Config.


Mobile Device Management, e.g. through MobiVisor, offers you numerous protection features, more efficiency and organisational advantages, which we have explained in detail in the last blog entries. However, one major concern often remains: how can such a system be integrated into the existing company structure without causing errors, costly training or lengthy IT measures? Whether large, medium-sized or small companies - the extended digitalisation through mobile device management should not be another complicated conversion process that costs the company a lot of time and effort, but should contribute to minimising effort and simplifying processes.


The goal is that employees hardly notice the new security measures, that they take place automatically and act almost invisibly. In order to achieve this, communication between the respective company and the IT company in charge should naturally be reliable. Individual requirements or company guidelines must be taken into account. Above all, however, the MDM system itself must have certain compatibility properties that guarantee its integration into the company's complete IT environment. We at IOTIQ call this the 'Big Players Config' - a device configuration that works flawlessly with all IT components of the company. To achieve this, we replicate (via Active Directory and LDAP) the existing network of the respective organisation so that MobiVisor can be applied to this structure or spatial distribution with its connected devices and existing project groups. All resources, including their attributes and associated objects, are thus stored in the directory service, allowing their use to be accessed and managed centrally. Encrypted, secure remote access to corporate applications and shared resources and services can then be realised via a VPN. The existing communication network serves as the transport medium here.


All devices can thus be set up and managed uniformly and easily. For example, the devices can be configured to automatically dial into their designated, secure Wi-Fi network and connect to other devices and servers. E-mails, contacts and calendar data can be managed via XChange using a central storage location so that users can securely access all of the information. In addition, passcode policies (e.g. 8-digit and with fingerprint) or certain interfaces and screen backgrounds can be fixed to secure the corporate design. However, these are only sample features of MobiVisor and numerous other functions, security measures and settings can be integrated quickly and reliably. Time is money and strenuous transformation processes require nerves and resources - we at IOTIQ know this and avoid both. Our service therefore not only includes an MDM individually tailored to your needs, but with the 'Big Players Config' also the guarantee for a complication-free, reliable integration of the system into your existing IT structure with as little effort as possible.


Do you already have an MDM and want to upgrade to MobiVisor or are you considering the benefits of effective mobile device management for the first time? Wherever you are and wherever you want to go, we will give you a free, personal consultation, show you various options and find your personal potential. Dare to take the step into a digital future and contact us! You can find more information on MobiVisor HERE.