MobiVisor blog series – Part 4: Warning messages

In our new, five-part blog series, we're having a look at different possibilities features from our mobile device management, MobiVisor.

With a mobile device manager (MDM), mobile devices can be reliably controlled, secured and managed for all imaginable usage scenarios via a central system. Well-known features of mobile device management such as smartphone tracking, automatic email configuration or remote deletion of data, however, no longer knock the socks off digital natives. MDM systems such as MobiVisor can do much more, and as fast as the technology is developing, more and more specific areas of application are emerging for a wide range of industries. In this blog series, we will present a selection of special MDM functions and application examples. The last articles were dedicated to the 'KIOSK mode', the 'Container Setup' and various security functions for data protection. Today we continue with Warning Messages.


Trust in the supervision of all mobile company devices is good, but security is even better - with MobiVisor this takes place via warning notifications. They signal that the restrictions on the device take effect as soon as an attempt is made to circumvent them or use it for unintended purposes.


The warning messages are automatically triggered in the event of deviations from guidelines or other anomalies and can be sent to the device or user in question, as well as to the administrator's central management system and by e-mail. A number of defined violations regulate the sending of such messages. Which deviation is acceptable? Which violation requires a warning notification? And which actions lead to blocking and immediate notification of the administrator? As a customer, you decide and define the conditions for unwanted actions. These can be, for example, the attempted deactivation of the MDM profile or the (de)installation of the MobiVisor app or other applications, but also excessive data consumption, the expected exceeding of mobile data and the message or call quota, a SIM card change, the rooting of devices, fake GPS operations or hacking measures. This gives you another level of security beyond the regular protection of the MobiVisor functions.


A typical case study will illustrate the procedure: Your employee receives a smartphone configured with MobiVisor for her work activities. It does not contain a container setup (see sub-article 2).  During her lunch break, she wants to use it to watch YouTube videos or make private phone calls - which is not uncommon. However, she receives a warning message from the system that this phone should only be used for work purposes. However, if she continues to circumvent the policy, a warning message follows that her set data volume is running low. Before this is no longer sufficient for necessary functions, all other apps and the internet browser are blocked. MobiVisor can detect this through set blacklists and whitelists. A fixed caller list also manages the employee's phone calls. She is now curious and wants to have the smartphone hacked or unmanaged by an IT-savvy friend. However, the phone is locked and the administrator is immediately notified. Now the employee can be invited to a clarifying discussion or pick up a replacement device.

Through its warning messages, MobiVisor not only contributes to the enforcement of their digital data protection policies, but ultimately also promotes the transparent communication of internal company restrictions and the conditional compliance with these by the employees who use the operating devices. This, in turn, makes it easier for employees to transition to digital processes or learn to use devices in a company-compliant manner. 


Do you have questions about mobile device management or are you interested in more information and possibilities that this technology can offer you? Then please feel free to contact us. We will give you a free consultation and find your personal potential. Our team of experts at IOTIQ has already set up an individual MDM system via our MobiVisor app for some customers, such as Diakonie Berlin. You can find more information HERE.


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