Buildings with a central nervous system – science fiction?

No, this is not the trailer for a new Matrix movie. It's reality.

Never forget or lose your key again, as long as you have your phone in your pocket. The easiest way to open the door for your guests. Access control with just a few clicks.

What sounds futuristic is already reality at the company 1aim today. Like Microsoft, 1aim also rather started unspectacularly in an office furniture warehouse, with founders are Yann and Torben, who have known each other since primary school. In 2016, the fourth largest door manufacturer in the world invested in 1aim and thus made the breakthrough possible.

The heart of aim is the “LightAccessPro”. This is a futuristic looking device (see photo) which functions as a door lock. The software, which is compatible with any smartphone, assumes the function of the key and is simply held onto the device to open the door: A digital key that may replace the physical key as well as Bluetooth and Fobs.

In addition, building access can be managed from anywhere in the world via smartphone, computer, tablet and browser. Another advantage of this, is that you can send an infinite number of access codes to family, friends, etc. via SMS, E-mail and Messenger, which can also be limited to time frames. This is especially useful for Airbnb, vacation homes, hotels or car parks and presents a progressive and comfortable solution.

IOTIQ’s IoT platform “Gamma” supports 1aim access control and can be used for your digitization projects, whether it is accessing the workshop or documenting working hours. There are infinite possibilities: renting a car, booking a meeting room or opening the door to the office on weekends – if the company hasn't already prohibited this with a single click.

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