Navigating the Pandemic with MDM: MobiVisor Digitizes the Vaccination Process

When the Covid 19 pandemic broke out in early 2020, everything had to happen quickly. Protective masks were produced, PCR and rapid tests were developed, and free citizen testing was offered at testing centers. And subsequently, the long-awaited Corona vaccination finally arrived. In the course of this, vaccination centers were opened in addition to the existing test centers, which had to store and manage the data of many patients - including in a large city in central Germany, which has been one of our customers since May 2021.

Test centers were set up and it was quickly clear that the bureaucratic effort could not be managed without digital help. Patient data had to be recorded, test results entered and finally sent to people by e-mail. The customer therefore procured over 100 Samsung tablets, which were used in the centers. Now it turned out that it was difficult to keep track which tablets were in use where and when without an overarching management structure. Data protection concerns also became louder: without additional protective measures, patients' data could be leaked.

Then, when the vaccination centers were set up, additional tablets were purchased. The overarching structure was now provided by our Mobile Device Management (MDM) system - MobiVisor ensured the rapid management of the end devices and thus prevented security risks. With the help of the single app mode, users of the terminal devices could no longer quit or leave the predefined applications, and configurations of the MDM no longer allowed the use of unauthorized Wi-Fi networks, for example. Policies dictated usage patterns, and applications that posed a security risk could be blocked. In the case of the Corona test apps, it was also possible to ensure that the digital test results could not be manipulated.

Über unseren Kunden...

Our customer, a major city in central Germany, faced the Corona pandemic, too, with the help of testing and vaccination centers. Nearly 150 Samsung tablets were in use at these facilities, managed by our MobiVisor MDM. Read our testimonial to learn how our software helped ease the administrative burden.

Support on the spot


The customer particularly appreciated the ease of setting up the devices, as well as the flexibility and scope of functions and configurations. The simplicity of operation was also a great support: in times when everything had to be done quickly and was uncertain, any help was a huge relief. During setup, our support was therefore always on hand, advising on questions and always standing by in the event of errors. In addition, both Android and Apple devices had to be managed: to the customer's positive surprise, this could also be ensured by our software, as this also created a huge relief. With MobiVisor, only one software is needed to manage all devices.

Overall, the short notice and urgency of the pandemic circumstances created a need that MobiVisor was able to meet to the customer's complete satisfaction. The vaccination and its management could be successfully digitized. Although getting started with MDM was rather difficult for the previously inexperienced customer, the MobiVisor team was able to be on hand with support.

While the pandemic is not entirely over, the need for mobile devices in testing and vaccination centers has decreased significantly. As a result, the customer is now using the more than 140 tablets managed with MDM in the city administration - and the local fire department is also being supplied.

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