MDM for Deutsche Familienversicherung (DFV)

A particular focus for Deutsche Familienversicherung (DFV) is their commitment to digitalization in their daily work life. All processes, from product design to the customer journey, take place completely digitally and thus set DFV apart from other insurance service providers. DFV also attaches great importance to social commitment for the development of the Rhine-Main region.




Various MDM providers are available for managing mobile devices in large companies, all of which offer a wide range of functions. However, the effort required to use these functions correctly is often high, and the price of these applications should not be underestimated. For DFV's devices, the scope and price of the previously existing solution were too extensive.

About DFV...

Deutsche Familienversicherung (DFV) is a listed InsurTech company founded in 2006. With its diverse product range, the company covers benefits in supplementary health insurance, as well as accident and property insurance.

The solution


For this reason, MobiVisor was commissioned to set up a mobile device management (MDM) system. A total of 35 devices, in this case iPhones, had to be set up.

While the MDM was primarily intended to manage the devices, security aspects of the company agreement were also important. These were covered on the one hand by hosting on-premise , i.e. on the company's own server, while a dedicated VPN server was also set up. The MobiVisor Per-App VPN switches itself on independently at the customer's request, depending on the app and Internet domain.


Our mobile device management system offers a practical user interface that provides an overview of all devices. The customer sums it up by saying: 'MobiVisor is a clear, uncomplicated and versatile MDM tool'. Here, monitoring of active devices and SIM cards was desired and set up from the beginning, as well as an exchange policy so that all employees have emails, contacts, calendars and reminders on their devices.

DFV also sees great advantages of the MDM tool provided by the additional management options: 'All our requirements can be covered by MobiVisor MDM. The tool allows us to manage our devices easily and in a variety of ways. We have competent support from the team here.' Especially the functions around the policies, which allow us to block certain device functions, the creation of groups, which simplifies the distribution and assignment of apps, as well as the device overview, which allows a clear display of important info from the device pool, are particularly valuable here.


DFV also praises MobiVisor in the area of customer support. The team is always ready to help:


"We always receive support for questions about MobiVisor or the devices. Even with difficult problems that had to be solved as quickly as possible, we could always rely on the MobiVisor team. Reachability is almost always guaranteed - if this is not the case, we receive quick feedback."


All in all, MobiVisor significantly reduces DFV's workload: The MDM is not only easy and intuitive to use, it also makes enormous time savings possible and covers all IT security guidelines. In addition, the tool can be designed exactly and individually according to the company's ideas thanks to the extensive functions, and customer support is always available for competent problem solving or advice: 'We receive competent advice in all areas with solutions that cover our requirements in the best possible way.'

You want to convince yourself? Just let us know and we'll provide you with a free MobiVisor test environment as soon as possible!