FutureTEX-Project PROFUND

Process-oriented value creation in textile networks for mass customization in SMEs

IOTIQ is cooperating with the TU Chemnitz and the HHL Leipzig School of Management on the future-TEX project PROFUND (process-oriented value creation in textile networks for mass customization in SMEs).


The PROFUND project will create a structure for the development of individualized technical textiles in a corporate network. The aim is to support small and medium-sized companies in integrating themselves into the textile chain and thus making the best possible use of their resources. By exchanging and processing information on production processes, for example, customer inquiries can be processed much more quickly – which means that the business model is being fundamentally revised.


The Saxony area will thus become more innovative and effective in many respects. The supply chain will be reorganized so that all partners, small and large, can profit from it. Individualized wishes of the customers can be met more time and cost effectively. In order to realise prototypical solutions, a network of scientific institutions and companies from the German textile industry has come together.


IOTIQ has joined the project in cooperation with scientific partners, i.e. the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and the Chair of Business Informatics - Business Process and Information Management at Chemnitz University of Technology.

In particular, a platform was developed on our behalf which makes it possible to coordinate the individualisation of textile products within a single process. Each property of the final product can be determined in this database. All parties involved in the overall process have access to this platform and will thus receive more transparency and user friendliness.

Our goal is an innovative future. Together we can achieve this goal.