MDM in the maritime industry: Drews Marine GmbH

Our mobile device management (MDM) system MobiVisor can be used to support Drews Marine GmbH in its day-to-day work in a variety of ways. The Hamburg-based company employs over 100 people - and we have been able to call Drews Marine GmbH a customer since July 2021. In total, Drews Marine uses our MobiVisor MDM on all of its 75 enterprise mobile devices from Apple, Samsung and Caterpillar.

The maritime industry presents several challenges: On the one hand, devices are needed to be used in the field on ships, and on the other hand, devices are needed to be used as regular enterprise phones. And all this requires a centralized system to manage all devices.

This is where MobiVisor comes in: with our Mobile Device Manager, all devices can be centrally viewed and managed, for example to deploy apps or control usage.

About Drews Marine GmbH...

As a provider of all-round solutions in the field of air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration, the Drews Marine GmbH impresses with years of experience in the maritime industry. The Hamburg-based company develops system integrators for holistic HVAC solutions to improve air quality in passenger cabins, for example on naval vessels, yachts, merchant ships or in the offshore sector.

How MDM can support the maritime industry


In the more specific case, Caterpillar phones with thermal imaging cameras are used in boat building on the ships. CAT Phones are rugged devices, which are protected against the penetration of moisture and dirt. The thermal imaging camera is needed to scan the boats for uninsulated areas so that they can be sealed afterwards. In addition, the equipment is also used to document work processes, for example to take pictures of boat construction.

Meanwhile, in the company administration, Samsung devices are used as regular company telephones for work in the office. Here, too, it is important that the devices and their users are recorded and managed centrally in order to prevent 'device chaos' and to safeguard company-related data.

Despite the different usage scenarios, there is one major commonality: the rollout of the devices, i.e., the setup with users, apps, etc. via MobiVisor, which consists of just a few steps. This simplicity is also highly appreciated by Drews Marine - because it saves valuable time. The intuitiveness of the user interface and the flexibility when adding features or settings on the end devices are also of great value here. Drews Marine also praises IOTIQ's excellent service:

"Any MDM is complex and because of the complexity, IOTIQ's competent support is always available to us. We appreciate the team and look forward to new innovations."

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