Coworking solutions for Basislager Leipzig and Rostock

Since the founding of the IOTIQ GmbH in 2017, our office has been located within Basislager Leipzig - here we could not only win the company as a customer, but also test and develop our products directly on site in the coworking space. Thus, over the years, a partnership and cooperation has developed that has also played a significant role in our company's evolution.

Coordinating a large number of entrepreneurs, freelancers, as well as small and large startups working individually requires a lot of effort. To reduce this and to relieve both the coworking space itself and the coworking community, we developed some solutions.


Beverage billing: MobiFresh


The first product we introduced at Basislager is our automated beverage billing system 'MobiFresh'. This ensures that snacks and drinks can be invoiced in a very convenient way. While users only have to operate a tablet, our software runs in the background, where all users are registered and can be added at any time. Individuals or entire companies can be entered as users, and temporary guest accounts can also be created. Different locations can be integrated as well. This backend is managed by the coworking space.

If one would now like something to drink, one selects a drink from the refrigerator and then on the tablet. Then the respective profile must be selected and a code entered, which was previously defined by the users themselves. In the background, all of the company's or user's drinks are calculated together and billed at the end of the month. At the same time, the user sees how much money is owed to the coworking space for each order. Payment is then made directly to the coworking space at the end of the month.

About Basislager...

Not only have we been able to evolve within Basislager, but the company itself has also grown over the years: Starting with a building over five floors in the heart of Leipzig when the concept of coworking was still brand new, Basislager has been able to establish itself as a permanent fixture. Not only are there now two locations in Leipzig, but Basislager has also been able to expand to Rostock in 2019. Now, hundreds of coworkers go in and out of Leipzig and Rostock every day to dedicate themselves to their professional lives.

On the tablets displayed in the coworking space, our software runs in single-app mode: only the drinks app is displayed and nothing else. Infoscreens can also be displayed if desired. A total of eight beverage tablets are used in Leipzig, and in Rostock there are two tablets in two locations over two floors.

Previously, this process was done with pen and paper - from start to finish, from the employee to the coworking space. Using tablets saves time and energy, and the new system helps avoid the following drawbacks:


  • Beverage and snack inventory is presented in a comprehensible way at all times and consumption can be coordinated more effectively
  • Potential for errors in billing is reduced and the administration effort is reduced
  • Adding up, booking and invoicing take up time that could be better used elsewhere.

We also interviewed Inga, Community and Community Manager at Basislager, about our software, which you can read here!

"Tally sheets are annoying! IOTIQ has helped us completely digitize the process of booking and billing drinks in our coworking space, saving us valuable time. Now we can focus on other things." Marco Weicholdt, Coworking Manager & Startup Scout, Basislager Leipzig

Room booking


In addition to the beverage system, Basislager Leipzig has also made upgrades in the realm of room booking. For the many meeting rooms, a central management system now regulates the availability of the rooms, which are visually illustrated via our tablets. A total of nine tablets are in use here, managed and secured by our MobiVisor mobile device management system.

Our room booking system can now guarantee that coworkers don't get in each other's way. There is no longer any ambiguity about who reserved the meeting room and when it was reserved.

It was important to the customer that bookings could not only be made online via a web portal, but could also be viewed and managed directly at the room. That's why we equipped the conference rooms with tablets on which the most important information is visible at all times. Spontaneous booking is also possible, so that in the event of an unplanned meeting, the desired room can be reserved without any complications.

Mounted next to the door on the outside, the tablets serve as clear room booking tools: If the room is still available, simply tap on 'Reserve'. The room is then reserved for the desired time. Read the testimonials from other coworking spaces here.

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