Uber in Bavaria and Carpooling in Leipzig?

Uber in Bavaria

After five major German cities, the American driving service is now trying out Uber in the Bavarian countryside. Sounds as if the project was doomed to failure right from the start, but head of Germany Christoph Weigler specifies: 'With the pilot project, we want to understand how an on-demand transport service can also work in less densely populated regions (...)'. The service is intended to replace local public transport or the expensive taxi in order to get to the doctor in the neighboring town or get home from the party in Munich early in the morning.

The taxi service is currently offered in five locations in the Bavarian capital's suburbs and is to run as a test for three months.


Pooling in Leipzig

A less economical concept is being tried out here in Leipzig: LVB's Flexa minibuses, developed by the Max Planck Institute. These minibuses are intended to complement the city bus in the north of Leipzig, which only operates every hour. The only difference to a taxi is that this minibus departs from bus stops that are, though, close to each other; there are 108 of them in the districts of Breitenfeld, Lindenthal and Wiederitzsch.

Even though there have been some initial technical difficulties, this new option is a real blessing for local residents. The test project is to run for six months, i.e. until mid-March 2020.


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