Tablet as a Service (TaaS)

Remote work has never been that simple and flexible!

The corona pandemic has shown how important working at home and on the way can be. Via Tablet as a Service we want to facilitate your work and make it more flexible and independent from wherever you work. Get pre-configured leasing devices from us that are ready-to-use immediately! No matter if you or your employees have little technical knowledge or you are already used to the handling of mobile devices - we'll find the best setup for your individual needs, as we'll adapt everything to your knowledge and desires. We want to solve the following home office problems for you:

No more home office problems!

User-Friendliness? Error!

For many employees, technical devices are overstraining and complicated. We offer you the best possible, intuitive surface.

Missing network connection, no printing possibilities

With our tablets, connection problems and printed documents are things of the past. Dial up in the LTE-network and sign documents digitally without any problems.

Data protection & GDPR-compliance

Many companies unfortunately don't have an eye on data protection. With our devices you are not just GDPR-compliant, but your enterprise data is as safe as it has never been.

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How does Tablet as a Service work?

Ready-to-use in only 4 steps!



We are tasked by you: How many tablets for how many employees do you need? Which devices are used?


We set up your devices: You decide which apps and presets should be configured.


We ship your devices to you: All shipping costs are already counted in the price.


You are ready-to-use immediately! Have fun with your devices.

Only two clicks to get to the meeting

How are the devices equipped?

We configure all your devices adapted to your desires. An example device includes following applications:


Essential apps such as the internet browser remain on the device, unimportant apps like health apps are deinstalled. Within the standard-apps restrictions can be made.


For video meetings apps like 'Zoom' or 'Google Meet' can be pre-installed.


For the organization and communication within the teams apps such as 'Microsoft Teams', 'Slack' or 'Trello' can be pre-installed.


Why do online meetings fail in general? Because of misadjustments, operating errors, connection problems and sound- or video disruptions. All these problems are solved with Tablet as a Service.


  • Technical features: Via contemporary devices video- and sound-qualities always remain in top-quality.
  • Simple usage: We install only required apps and configurations, so that no confusion is caused. You decide which pre-configurations these are.
  • Connection: Use Wi-Fi comfortably at home. Alternatively, we offer a SIM-card for an additional charge to solve potential connection problems. Thanks to good connection in LTE-quality your meetings cannot be disturbed any more.

Security in Home Office

With Tablet as a Service to a safer, digital infrastructure

With Tablet as a Service we do not just provide you the basic functions of a tablet, but we also ensure you a safe digital infrastructure. Therefore, in addition to the standard-, video call- or team-apps we (optionally) install our MobiVisor Messenger and MobiVisor Files applications.

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