Holy Christmas! 2020 Round-Up

It's our 2020 round up!

Christmas is the time when kids and grandkids become computer specialists for the whole family, no parent's visit is complete without updates and clicks, and at least one new tech gadget is conjured from the glitter gift wrap. Christmas is the time to take time for detail-oriented cookie decorating, pausing, and taking a breath, but it's also the time for gratitude.

We at IOTIQ would like to take this as an opportunity to express our gratitude for your interest and great cooperation and to say 'Thank you for your trust!'. We have gained new employees in every division in 2020. Our mobile device management system MobiVisor has finally matured into a successful product. We have developed various software for coworking spaces and further, entered the field of digital education and developed suitable MDM solutions for it. In addition, we became a go-digital partner this year, which means that small and medium-sized companies can now benefit from attractive funding programs. In 2021, our company will enter its fourth year. There are still so many innovations of the Internet of Things ahead of us and we get to be a part of them - together with you.


The year 2020 leaves us with mixed feelings. Covid-19 has tested us in many ways, but it has also taught us. For example, we were given the challenge of guiding our young company through a difficult market situation, while doing justice to business tasks and taking into account individual employee demands. We can proudly say that we have mastered these disciplines.


However, the current crisis has also made clear how significant the Internet and new technologies are for modern communication, the professional world and crisis management. Here, digitalization proved to be a path to freedom beyond hygiene concepts and curfews.


Who would have thought that new opportunities for business would arise as a result of the changed framework conditions? Who ever believed before that it was possible to win customers without having seen them at least once in person? Covid-19 has shown that it is possible - just in an unconventional way. So perhaps we are experiencing a time of growth, not just crisis. A kind of forced digitalization has taken place for which no one was prepared. As the world finally has to deal with new work models, Internet-based gadgets and digital business concepts, this development can also be seen as an opportunity, because '...the goal of a conflict or a dispute should not be victory, but progress.' (J. Joubert) So Corona, be our steam engine, not our kryptonite!


We look forward to the new year with anticipation and remain motivated to support you on your journey to a digital future.


Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and above all good health from your team at IOTIQ!