Apple relaxes regulations: Children’s apps less secure than before

Apple is now bowing to software developers who see their business models impaired: Regulations on advertising and tracking measures in children's apps have been loosened. Originally, all advertising and tracking measures were to be banned at the start of September, but app developers exerted pressure.


The updated documentation therefore includes the following rules that children's apps 'must not contain links from the app, purchase opportunities or other distractions for children,' and 'must not contain third-party analysis or third-party advertising'. However, there are appropriate exceptions to this, as in 'limited cases' third-party analysis is allowed. The limited cases will not be specified; name, date of birth, email address and device location may not be determined in any case.


In the meantime, there had been a conflicting dispute in June in which MDM and VPN functions for parental control apps were again permitted - a victory in the direction of child protection, in other words. Previously, these functions were prohibited due to their high potential for abuse in the area of data protection.


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