What We Do

Customized Software

Rely on our expertise and technical skills in the wide range of software development processes.


We make your environment automated and work for you with all the advantages of the Internet of Things.

Research & Development

With many years of expertise, we offer application-oriented research and consultation on applications as a service.



With our Products we do exactly what we have set out to do - we make your environment automated and work for you with all the advantages of the Internet of Things. This will make your everyday life more comfortable than ever before. Find out how our mobile device management solution MobiVisor, our Global Business Services, our smart coworking solutions, or our intelligent Building as a Service solutions can make your daily work easier.


Even beyond our ready-made IoT solutions, we would like to make your work processes easier. That's why we help out with all project management issues related to the Internet of Things: from planning and design to the final product. In the Customized Software tab we show you how easy our process is.


Due to our many years of expertise we know how to handle R&D - Research & Development - programs. We therefore offer special services around research and development organizations: starting with the first project idea, preparing and submitting the proposal and managing the project. Read more on our page.

Use Cases

Managed Tablets at PZ Präsenz

IOTIQ equipped PZ Präsenz with managed tablets for lead acquisition, customer consulting, direct marketing, as well as prize draws.

The Care Service of the Future

Through the use of innovative solutions, IOTIQ was able to significantly facilitate and modernize the work of a Diakonie in Berlin.

Drink-Billing at Basislager

It’s finally here – the new drink-billing-system at Basislager, made by us!

FutureTEX-Project PROFUND

IOTIQ is cooperating with the TU Chemnitz and the HHL Leipzig School of Management on the future-TEX project PROFUND.

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