Managed Tablets at PZ Präsenz

PZ Präsenz is a Leipzig agency for promotion and image campaigns. At more than 170 locations, employees organise approx. 60 events a year and have more than 5000 customer contacts per month. With so much contact to customers, you have to be able to rely on your technology.


PZ primarily uses tablets. They are used for lead acquisition, customer consulting, PoS and direct marketing, as well as prize draws. Because of the wide range of applications and frequently changing employees, PZ was looking for high-performance software to centrally manage and secure the devices. In addition, all social networks were to be blocked in order to prevent private use during working hours.


IOTIQ was able to provide the optimal solution through the fast and customized implementation of MobiVisor. The integrated file sharing function, which distributes work plans directly to employees, proved particularly useful. The devices were put into operation after just a few days and have been in daily use ever since.

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