Drink-Billing at Basislager

From pen and paper to tablet: renewing the billing system at our coworking space



It’s finally here – the new drink-billing-system at Basislager, made by us! It’s simple: choose a drink, select your company and pay by entering your company’s passcode on the tablet installed.

Beforehand, this process was done with pen and paper – from start to finish, from coworker to coworking space. By using tablets, time and energy is saved and with help of the new system, the following disadvantages are avoided:


  • The customer/coworker doesn’t lose oversight from all the marks
  • The potential of making mistakes when adding up the marks because of chaotic handwriting
  • Adding up, billing and issuing invoices takes up time nobody has



In addition to the beverage system, the Basislager Leipzig is also upgrading in its room booking area.

From now on, a central management system will control the availability of the 10 meeting rooms. It was important to the Basislager that the bookings are not only possible online via a web portal, but that they can also be viewed and managed directly in the room. For this reason IOTIQ has equipped the conference rooms with tablets on which the most important information can be viewed at any time. Spontaneous bookings are also possible, so that in the event of an unplanned meeting, the desired room can be easily reserved.


"Tallies are annoying! IOTIQ has helped us to completely digitalise the process of booking and billing drinks in our coworking space, thus saving valuable time. Now we can focus on other things."

Marco Weicholdt, Coworking Manager & Startup ScoutBasislager Leipzig

You want to be the next coworking space without tallies and that uses digital solutions?