Research & Development

We offer research services and are partners in innovative research projects.

IOTIQ offers application-oriented research and application advice as a service. Due to our participation in numerous projects we are able to offer our experience and a large network of industrial partners and research institutions. We are in constant contact with research and development organizations at regional, national and international level. By using the existing public fund programs, we offer our partners the best possible results.


Our long-standing expertise in R&D consulting (Research & Development) enables us to offer special services, starting with the initial project idea, the preparation and submission of the proposal, the submission to the financial institution, and the management of the project. Our developers not only work on the latest cutting-edge technologies, but are also equipped with them. The following is an overview of our services:


  • Select projects
  • Planning of promotion plans
  • Find a partner
  • Application Management
  • Prepare reports
  • Improve project implementation


In addition to the services offered, IOTIQ itself is a participant in national and international research projects. This gives us extensive expertise, knowledge of the latest technology trends and a large network of innovative project partners.


Use Cases

Managed Tablets at PZ Präsenz

IOTIQ equipped PZ Präsenz with managed tablets for lead acquisition, customer consulting, direct marketing, as well as prize draws.

The Care Service of the Future

Through the use of innovative solutions, IOTIQ was able to significantly facilitate and modernize the work of a Diakonie in Berlin.

Drink-Billing at Basislager

It’s finally here – the new drink-billing-system at Basislager, made by us!

FutureTEX-Project PROFUND

IOTIQ is cooperating with the TU Chemnitz and the HHL Leipzig School of Management on the future-TEX project PROFUND.