Our new corporate design!

IOTIQ has been in existence since 2017 - in other words for two and a half years. As is so often the case with tech companies, a corporate design was more of a secondary consideration when we founded the company. Now we have grown by several employees and it is time to visually update, modernize and standardize our professional way of working beyond our internet presence. This time we have given it a lot of thought: a new logo, new colors and new fonts had to be created. And now it's here -


The Logo




Simple and elegant: that is our logo. If you didn't know it yet - our company name consists of the words IOT (Internet of Things) and IQ (Intelligenzquotient). We want to make IoT intelligent, and now you can recognize our elegant way of working in our logo.




The Fonts


Simple and elegant should also apply to our new fonts. We decided for a headline font called Aileron Heavy and an h2 and body font consisting of Open Sans (bold).


The colors


If you think of technology, of groundbreaking start-ups, then you don't necessarily associate them with the colours green and yellow. And although they go so well with our Saxon flag, it was time for a new look. As you can see in our logo, we kept the yellow and added a petrol-blue. In addition, there is a lighter dark blue and two shades of grey.



So: how do you like our image changes? We are looking forward to your feedback!

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