New Work – Mobile availability

Diagnosis: 40 years of employment with a 40 hour week, 5 of 7 days with the classic 9-to-5 presence culture. The horror image that most students experience towards the end of their studies. Fortunately, these outdated work structures are gradually being adapted to today's possibilities through digitization and globalization.


The employees of today's companies can work from anywhere with the help of mobile devices via the internet, independent of fixed working hours and fixed workplaces. This means, that long waiting times such as business trips by train or plane can be optimally used for work. The evolution from the home office to the everywhere-office has clear advantages: balanced work-life balance, job satisfaction, better health, employer attractiveness, equal opportunities, increased efficiency, as well as an increase in personal freedom.


According to current figures, 40% of German companies are already taking advantage of home office opportunities, and the trend is rising. A special example is the Komoot company from Potsdam, where availability during core working hours between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and regular meetings are fixed rules. Otherwise, there are no local restrictions and no fixed working hours. Meanwhile. the company Gitlab from the US have completely renounced offices.


But although there are many advantages of the Everywhere-Office, a few hurdles have to be overcome.
IT security, working time documentation in the sense of the employer, but also in the sense of the employee, as well as abuse of the IT infrastructure are still some of the challenges that companies must take into account when switching to working from anywhere.


With MobiVisor, IOTIQ offers solutions for such problems. The probably greatest risk in mobile work is the loss or theft of the end device and the associated unintentional disclosure of important, confidential company information. Among other things, by blocking the end device and securing the company data via a central administration, the problem is tackled with MobiVisor and additional security is ensured. MobiVisor can also be used to limit compliance with working hours on mobile devices, which could otherwise lead employees to work constantly.


Working conditions should not be tolerated just because they have always been the way they have, but because they can be customized for the individual and the organization. The future is mobile working and we offer support with MobiVisor.


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