MobiVisor blog series – Part 1: KIOSK-mode

In our new, five-part blog series, we're having a look at different possibilities features from our mobile device management, MobiVisor.

With a mobile device manager (MDM), mobile devices can be reliably controlled, secured and managed for all imaginable usage scenarios via a central system. Well-known features of mobile device management such as smartphone tracking, automatic email configuration or remote deletion of data, however, no longer knock the socks off digital natives. MDM systems such as MobiVisor can do much more, and as fast as the technology is developing, more and more specific areas of application are emerging for a wide range of industries. In this blog series, we will present a selection of special MDM functions and application examples. We shall start with the so-called 'KIOSK mode'.


Kiosk mode is a special mode for computer programmes in which the user's powers are restricted. It makes it possible to configure mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones for a specific application or user. For this purpose, the device is started in a kiosk profile - a kind of layer above the normal user interface that is configured with certain settings and access rights for various actions, apps and browsers. For example, certain apps can be blocked or their range of functions restricted. Even very specific actions such as swiping down the notification bar or reaching the home screen can be controlled. If necessary, the administrator can change the range of functions easily and quickly via a central system. The user himself is not able to open or change the device settings.


A special form of the KIOSK feature is the 'single app mode'. As the word 'single' already suggests, the user cannot switch between different apps here, but is in a specific application that he or she cannot leave or quit.


Companies can use the KIOSK function on different company devices in a variety of environments and be sure that their employees only access the permitted applications. The latest mobile technologies are used comfortably and securely and work processes are digitalised. In addition, the user-friendliness of the device and the interaction with customers can be improved.


A common application example for this type of device management can be found in many restaurants: there, the waiters' tablets often run in the KIOSK profile. This ensures that the employees only use the desired billing software. A second example is the devices used at trade fairs. These often run via a KIOSK profile, which ensures that only a certain app is displayed. It is often similar with exhibition devices in specialised trade. KIOSK mode is also usually used at public information terminals, for example in pedestrian zones or museums. This is where the function got its name.


Could a 'KIOSK feature' also optimise your business processes? Do you have questions about mobile device management or are you interested in more information and possibilities that this technology can offer you? Then please feel free to contact us. We will give you a free consultation and find your personal potential. Our team of experts at IOTIQ has already set up an individual MDM system via our MobiVisor app for some customers, such as Diakonie Berlin. You can find more information HERE.


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