Coworking: Inefficient or full of advantages?

Starting a startup is hard. Checking, if your business model idea really works, figuring out, who can join your team, and finding a place to work. In recent years though, the latter struggle has turned out not to be one for most startups anymore: with the rise of coworking spaces.


Coworking spaces today are the first place new-found startups look to, when searching for an office for their team. But is this really the best way to effectively get work done? Or is this just an excuse to hang around other young teams starting their startup journey? Today, we’re going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of working in a coworking space – because at IOTIQ, we‘re also guilty of working in one.


The most obvious argument for renting your space in a coworking environment are the amenities and perks. Not having to furnish the place, wi-fi and printers already installed and ready to go. There’s cool drinks and snacks hanging around and conference rooms for whenever you need them – all for a fraction of the expense you would usually pay if you’d have to get everything in a new condition. Plus, the space really isn’t high maintenance at all. The advantage that lies not too far away from this, is the perks you get from just being in a space with other creative people. The skills the community around you has will almost always surpass your own, and your desk partner may be willing to trade his skills for yours. With an open mind, everything is possible.


And there we have it: sitting around creative and like-minded people can be helpful for your own creativity, but it can get very loud sitting alongside communicative teams. These kinds of spaces can be crowded, noisy and distracting, which is why your own productivity might suffer as a result. Yes, these places might be good for brainstorming and networking, but are they really good for sitting down and getting stuff done?


The topic of free wifi is also difficult, as open-for-all networks usually aren’t the safest. The fact that you are around other teams, who may also be your competitors, and handling classified information can also be risky.


Looking back on the bright side – co-working spaces make scaling on demand a whole lot easier. Working in a startup means that your business is growing and you’re in the need for new team members. Accomodating them in your office makes it much easier if you’re in a co-working space. Living the new work-mindset is the order of the day when working in such an environment, which makes adapting it much easier, should you be moving out of the space and into a new office. This flexible and understanding mindset at work should help guarantee happier and more satisfied coworkers.


In the end, it does depend what you are looking for in a co-working space. If the one you are in can provide it, then where’s the problem? As long as you’re getting stuff done and you’re happy doing it, that’s all that matters. And if you’re not working in one and looking to get the productivity up, then you might like to try our solutions for the smart conference room. Just a tip 😉


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